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Bad Shoulders, Cute Ego

BrainlessTales.comI think I freaked out the ‘paint boy’ at the local Sherwin Williams when I went to get a quart to experiment on a wall in my studio.
He asked me what I was going to be painting. I told him a wall in my Pilates movement studio.
Immediately he started fidgeting in his body like he was uncomfortable and that Pilates was ‘this crazy thing that his wife does.’
He followed up with telling me about (his manly) ‘ice hockey days up in Boston’.
So while his sidekick was mixing my special concoction I gently asked him about his shoulders that seemed to protrude about 6 inches forward and inward from his neck.
“Do you have any neck or shoulder discomfort from your shoulders being rounded forward so much?’ inquired me.
“What?! No, I don’t notice anything.
Are they bad?” he replied freakily as if I just punctured his cute ego.
I gave him a simple explanation about it, and how sport can pull the upper body forward if you’re not paying attention to the entire structure, especially not giving your upper back some loving too. Told him about 2 easy stretches he can do when he gets home to open that space up.
As the paint was in its mixer, he walked away from me to go get something and comes back squirming/fretting around in his shoulders. “Now I’m starting to feel uncomfortable in my shoulders/neck, I didn’t have that before”.
We chuckled.
I said ‘that’s because you’ve opened up your mind to be aware of a latent discomfort and now your brain is on board, so now is a good time to do something about it”.
“Makes total sense to me”, he said. “I’m going to start doing those stretches tonite and show my wife. Posture is so important”.
I never mentioned the word “posture” but that came out of the same mouth that was manly tootin’ his ego horn just 10 minutes prior.
Bottom line: doesn’t take much once you become aware of how you are in your body.
Begins with a sensible awareness.
…and if it makes sense, there’s no going back.

Is Your Head Making You Forward Fumble?

A 12 pound head that moves 3 inches forward forces the muscles in the back of your neck to support a 42 pound head against the incredible forces of gravity.

Say what? That’s exactly what you’re seeing in that picture. Yep, it doesn’t look pretty cause it’s not.

In case you were wondering your head weighs 10-15 pounds. How’s that feelin’ for ya??

The strain of a stressed neck puts an incredible amount of strain on the rest of you below.

Can you just imagine the uncomfortability?

Maybe you live it. This is an area for many of you that houses the effects of any stress: emotional, mental, and many times physical.

Here are 3 solutions for that troubled intersection.

You’ll see these are really simple solutions for self care for your:

  1. forward head posture
  2. upper back
  3. junked up’ shoulders

I wrote a short post about this very issue last year . And don’t be fooled by the first sentence that talks about computer postures. They are the worst, but it’s a real good indication of what you see in that picture above.

Computer posture‘, a generic term, shows up when you’re reading your fav book, sautéing your kale, even planting Spring bulbs.